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What Is Catalyst?

Two years ago Cara and I left a “big box” gym that we loved to embark on our own adventure of creating a community of people who share one common goal: to get STRONG… strong in body, strong in soul, strong in mind, strong in LIFE!

Strong Body — Resilience

Armed with that vision and some kettlebells, we opened Catalyst with a handful of clients and friends. While we are certainly a work in progress, we’d like to think we’ve got some stuff right. Those of you who have been with us for a while understand our focus on programming and planning for the long term. This means planning workouts you can recover from and repeat. We all might mentally need that burner once in awhile, but our bodies respond better to workouts that leave a little in the tank and allow us to walk upright, maybe even taller, out the door versus crawling to the car. In our nutrition coaching, this means developing small habits that build on small successes to create lasting change. While it’s fun to see immediate results, maintaining small lifestyle changes is the most permanent route to positive change.

This contradicts what we often hear in the media, from our friends, and even from other fitness professionals. With the motto, “No pain, no gain,” we often beat ourselves down more than we build ourselves up. And we can do it repeatedly for years without any ill effects, if we’re lucky. As a runner who pretty much solely ran for over 20 years, I’ve learned that mistakes I could make when I was 20 won’t be as forgiving at 40. Mobility, breathing, balance, scheduled rest, and how I’m lifting versus how much I’m lifting are new priorities. Do I still want to lift the most weight, run the fastest time, do the most reps? Absolutely. But now I know there is a cost.

Strong Soul — Community Support

We want to get you to your goals in the safest, most permanent way we can. Although media bombards us with 30 day fixes and hacks, the best achievements in life require consistency, and there are no shortcuts to things worth doing well. Whether your motive is to get that adrenaline pumping, regain mobility, be able to lift heavy $hit, sweat, or simply to have an hour to not think about whatever stresses you out, we’ve got your back. In all honesty, I joined my first gym just so I could shower by myself when my kids were little. A workout was simply a coincidental bonus. While we don’t have showers (yet), we know that everyone has a little different motive when they walk through our door. Everyone adds something to the Catalyst experience. We strive to provide the people, place, and support for whatever improvement you seek. Some seek better form, some seek better programming, some seek better workouts or workout companionship, and some simply seek a place to call our own.

Strong Mind — Lifelong Learners

We love the little community we’ve created, but seeing you at the gym just isn’t enough. What questions do you have about how to make your health and fitness journey a little stronger, a little smoother, and maybe a little more direct? As we grow our community (and our blog), tell us what’s important to you! In this new chapter of our adventure, what information would make us a better catalyst for you?

author: Steph Hoeper


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