Steph Hoeper



Owner / Trainer
SFGII • FMS 2 • Original Strength • Yogafit • ACE Personal Trainer • PN Level 1 • Barefoot Training Specialist

After teaching and coaching high school students for 7 years, I hung up the khakis and clipboard to become a full-time mom.  I lasted about 6 months before joining a gym, where I met some of my closest friends and gradually transitioned from member to instructor.  I loved getting my teaching and coaching “fix,” while simultaneously playing the role of a stay at home mom (who never truly stays at home).  While I dabbled in strength training, yoga and spin, my exercise of choice has always been running…until I discovered kettlebells in 2008.

I invested in my first kettlebell certification (HKC) in 2010, attained my RKC with Pavel through Dragon Door in 2011 and followed that up with an SFG II certification (StrongFirst) in 2013. While my brain still loves a long run (and yes, I’m using long loosely), I like my body on kettlebells.

My training philosophy has progressed from medium intensity, no rest, ass kicking workouts to shorter sets, heavier weights, more rest and more attention to building my body rather than breaking it (age does that to you, I guess!). With this my nutrition practices changed too, moving from a “workout so I can eat unlimited cake”  to an “eat so my body feels good” philosophy (don’t worry, I still eat cake).  I coach others to develop healthy nutrition habits of their own with a Precision Nutrition certification and habit coaching approach. Most recently I’ve hopped back into coaching kids as a cross country coach and an off-season strength coach specializing in helping middle school girls develop strong, healthy attitudes and bodies.

I love teaching others, whether it’s how to move, how to lift, how to eat, or how to play Uno.  But mostly I love learning.  I’m excited to dust off that clipboard and keep finding new opportunities in the realm of teaching and coaching.