Roze Murphy



SFG Certified

My true love for fitness came later in life.  I had raised two children and still had one in high school when I went searching for health and fitness.  During my busy years as a working mom,  I did your average walking, treadmill, elliptical, and aerobics workouts,  but I knew I needed and wanted more.

I joined a local fitness center approximately six years ago. I wanted to learn more about healthy eating, and previous injuries made me value proper exercise technique/form, so I started right away with the personal training packages.

Working with some great personal trainers, I dropped 30 pounds in my first year there.  I started with the basics, moved into higher intensity and endurance training, added weight lifting, and then became interested in kettlebells.  I joined kettlebell classes with Steph at Performance in early 2012, and I have been training with Steph and Cara ever since.

I am a very active person and my love for exercise and beliefs about how kettlebells can benefit me and others have led me to a new journey in life — becoming a kettlebell instructor through Strongfirst.  I am looking forward to sharing this new knowledge and teaching others at Catalyst Strength.