Melissa Prieskorn



SFG Certified • NETA Group Exercise

In a “previous life” I worked in the social work field.  Then we started a family, and I decided to stay at home to raise our children. I was eating pizza crust, sandwich crust, chicken nugget crust, and anything else my kids left on their plates. My exercise consisted of pushing a stroller to the park and pushing kids on the swings. Just before my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday I joined a gym.  I was the heaviest and most out of shape I had ever been.  I went diligently for six months, logging HOURS on the treadmill, elliptical and spin bikes.  I lifted the same 10 pound dumbbells 2-3x/week.  Yet, I wasn’t seeing any results.  For my birthday I asked for personal training sessions and was surprised at how quickly I began to see results. Wow! I was hooked! I loved how strong I was feeling, and I was so excited every time I reached a new personal best! However, my children felt entitled to things like clothes, food, and dance lessons, so I couldn’t support my personal training habit for long. Then along comes small group training.  PERFECT! I had my individual attention from a trainer, the fun and support of a group, and I could still feed & clothe my children! I picked up my first kettlebell over four years ago.  Holy cow! Talk about “more bang for your buck”!  After my first lesson on the kettlebell swing I discovered muscles I didn’t even know I had! And yep, I’ve been a “swinger” ever since (c’mon, you saw that one coming)!

Once my youngest started kindergarten, I found myself feeling bored being a stay at home mom when there were no kids at home. I wanted to find something I could do part time, with mom friendly hours, and that I would enjoy.  With my love of fitness & exercise, it was a no brainer to enter this field.  In February 2013, I became a NETA certified group exercise instructor.  I have been teaching group exercise classes ever since, and I have absolutely loved every minute of it! I believe in the benefits of exercising with kettlebells so much that I decided to become a certified kettlebell instructor. In May 2015, I earned my Strong First level 1 kettlebell instructor certification (SFG I). I am so excited to be teaching at Catalyst Strength!  I have combined my passion of helping people reach goals with my passion for exercise. I feel so lucky!