Trading Resolutions for Reality

So now that the shininess of the new fitness gadget, clothes, diet, or workout may have worn off, where does that leave you for the rest of 2017?  With lots of realistic options, actually! Life is cyclical, why wouldn’t your fitness goals be the same? They don’t all have to start on January 1, and you don’t have to just have one.

Most of us naturally gravitate toward a certain activity — running, swimming, weight lifting, biking, zumba, sitting on the couch eating potato chips. The list is endless (and in no particular order of difficulty lest I offend). For me this was initially running. I ran almost every day (and almost exclusively unless you count a few light dumbbells or the elliptical on inclement days in North Dakota). I kept enough mileage in the bank to run a 10k any time and used marathon training to “recover” from each childbirth.  Running is good…good for the mind, heart, soul, body.  Don’t let anyone ever tell you running is bad.  Running exclusively for many years without addressing mobility or stability issues, however, is bad. Don’t try to convince yourself otherwise, no matter how superhero-ish it makes you feel.

I wince when I hear everything goes to hell when you turn 40. It’s just a number, and I know plenty of people in better shape post-40 than they were before. What I did find post-40, however, is that I have to follow the rules. All those things that I didn’t think applied to me (like mobility work and rest) because I had remained relatively injury free caught up with me like a freight train on a lame donkey (yes, the ass analogy is appropriate here).  

So I turned 40, developed old lady hip, and decided to exclusively strength train instead.  And guess what…because I’m an all or nothing kind of girl, the numbers became more important than the process. It’s easy to look back on this and recognize foolishness, but how many of you are more dedicated to completing a set than how that set feels in your body? If the workout calls for 10 reps, they should be delivered. If the last 3 hurt, then I’m clearly making progress because I’m mentally tough enough to push outside of my comfort zone. This is all good and fine…until it’s not. Obsessed with progressing weighted pullups, I overtrained with poor overhead mobility and am still working on getting my right bicep anywhere close to my ear (or more importantly putting my bra on without wincing or scratching that elusive spot on my back).  

My point (aside from pointing out that I’ve made my fair share of fitness mistakes) is that a variety of goals is good, including some stuff you know you do well and some stuff you just want to try.  Few people (I would venture no one, but there’s always an exception) like doing things they’re not good at. It’s scary and humbling to be a rookie. I challenge you to step outside of your box and set at least one goal that’s new to you this year. Set 4 goals for yourself in 4 distinct areas.  Looking for some ideas?  Here are a few:

1) Endurance —

2) Strength —

3) Power/speed/agility

4) Mobility

  • regain the ability to touch your toes
  • make Friday Restore classes a priority (check out our schedule here)
  • add 10 minutes of daily OS work
  • attend one of our mobility workshops with Korey (coming in April)

5) Nutrition

  • Drop fat (maybe fit into those skinny jeans)
  • Add bulk (maybe bust out of your suit coat)
  • Get bikini/speedo ready (next 35 day jumpstart April 22 – May 27)
  • Learn how to eat healthier for your body (Check out our individualized skills-based nutrition coaching — free for the first month!)

Once you choose your goals be sure to scale them appropriately, or even better, give yourself a good, better and over the moon goal.  For example, if you’re new to running, a marathon is probably not a logical first step.  Maybe your first goal would be to start a couch to 5k training plan, get a running partner, or join a running group. A 5k race might be an appropriate second step. And finishing that race without walking or with a goal time could be your over the moon goal. I’ve successfully proven that I can injure myself in pursuit of lofty goals, so this year I’m focusing on making small gains over 8-14 weeks toward 4 distinct goals. I’m including them here for accountability and hope they inspire you to write yours down too.

  1. February – April — strength for hypertrophy
    • Following a program and assessing with before and after pics…yikes!
  2. May-June — endurance
    • still deciding between Pigman and Dam to Dam…hip will decide
  3. July – September — mobility
    • implementing a daily mobility practice and 2-3 restorative classes a week
  4. October – December — strength for power
    • powerlifting meet — virtuality to be determined

We’d love to hear what you’re checking off the list this year!  Comment below or drop us a message!


author: Steph Hoeper

Jean Brenneman

Endurance – Start running again
Strength – Solid push-up from the floor
Power/Speed/Agility – Seriously?!?
Mobility – Add yoga to my daily routine
Nutrition – Drop fat

Catalyst Strength

Love these! Now take it one step further and set an order/timeline. Which one are you crossing off the list first?

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