Steph Hoeper

They Say It’s Her Birthday!!

Let me open this with the most important statement of today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!! This is YOUR blog post!

For those of you that don’t know, Steph stays on top of making sure that we have a blog post  every couple of weeks. This poor woman has to stay on top of me to make sure that I actually get one written every now and then (no surprise for those of you that know us!). My blog post was supposed to go up by the 15th and I’m sure she has been ready to strangle me for a few days now….Oh well, get over it, Steph, every now and then being late is a good thing! 😉

There are so many things to share about our true and fearless leader, but one thing is for certain…  SHE is the reason that Catalyst exists.  It is her perseverance and willingness to go above and beyond that we are all together in strength and more importantly in community and friendship.  Her intense desire for giving her best to Catalyst, her family, her friends, her community, shines through all that she does.  I seriously have never met another person that can be in five places at the same time and still feel that she needs to give more.

I would be hard pressed to say another person that I know that is as passionate as she is about continuing to learn all she can about…anything, but especially those topics that relate to the people that she serves.  Steph is a ferocious reader, and as embarrassing as it is to share, I have probably only read a quarter of the things that she has passed on to me, it’s impossible to keep up!  Not only is she in constant pursuit for learning about how to best program so that you can be the strongest version of your selves, she is always looking at ways to improve herself. She is honest about her successes and her failures and give both of them the same weight as she takes them as opportunities to grow and share with others. People that are willing to self reflect and constantly develop as a person are the ones that we learn the most from and are truly rare gems.

So today we will celebrate you, Steph! With all of the energy that you give to all of us we decided to send a little back in your direction with some of our thoughts about you!

“A well rested Steph is way worse then a well caffeinated one…direct quote from Steph”– Katie Freeman

“Happy Birthday to the person who forever is responsible for me being unable to keep a straight face when I hear the word ‘snatch’.”-Dale Kepler 

“Never grumpy at 5:30 a.m. Wait, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen her grumpy at all! She provides the best, most concise verbal cues to achieve a desired movement outcome.  Pure efficiency to achieve efficiency.”-Megan Laing

“From the early morning workouts where she always brings a smile, to the detailed and informative monthly newsletters, to the sharing of useful links and articles on Facebook.  Steph is relentless in her commitment to her students and her craft. She is cheerful and positive while not hesitating to be vulnerable and relatable as I work through a move I haven’t quite mastered or grapple with a questions related to nutrition.  There’s always something to learn, and she is generous with her time. I am confident that I’m stronger and fitter as a result of her dedication, and I thank her for that.  The fact that she has the sense of humor of an adolescent doesn’t hurt either! 🙂 Happy Birthday Steph, enjoy some circus peanuts… maybe a glass of wine.” -Hudson Ludvigson 

**Some delicious add ons from Hudson that are just to good, not to share!!**

“Some see the glass as half full, some as half empty.  Steph just wants to know who pours only half a glass of wine in the first place!”

“No matter her age, we know the 13 year old in her that giggles each time somebody says ‘balls’ isn’t maturing anytime soon.  So when you see her today, just say ‘balls’ and walk away as she starts giggling”

“Some see the bottle as half full, some see the bottle as half empty.  Steph just wonders who the hell took half her wine.”

“Steph can ‘poke’ more holes into ANY argument with ANYONE… even if she agrees with you!!”- Cara Flynn

“ I’m happy to know Steph! I appreciate that she is just as much of an asshole as me! I love that she doesn’t put out that perfect Pinterest mom-vibe.  Instead she’s honest all of her parenting ‘fails’ thus making the rest of us feel not alone in that regard! She’s good at making people feel safe to take risks and try something that scares them.  She’s just an all around good person. -Melissa Prieskorn 

“Happy 29th Birthday Steph!”-Jerry Slocum

“Happy birthday Steph! We wish you a fun filled year full of great memories and wine, lots of wine!”- Dawn and Steve Fisher

“Happy Birthday to one of our fearless leaders!! I would piggyback from Dale’s comment. I love your sense of humor.  Even at your age…you can not say ‘grab your balls’ without completely cracking up! Always keep your young at heart attitude! Enjoy your day! Cheers!”- Kris Elijah

“Descriptors: Driven. Determined. Caring. Student. Teacher. Motivator. All around Bad Ass.”-Dan Ceynar

“Happy birthday to an amazing teacher, friend, and coach! May your day be full of coffee, a happy, helpful household, and maybe a workout!”-Michelle Lyons  

“I appreciate how real Steph is. She is encouraging and motivates us to be the best version of ourselves…and ensures that we have fun, too! I like her despite her love of the Wisconsin Badgers and Brewers…and it helps she always plays a little Foo Fighters for me!”-Nikki Greazel

“Steph may your birthday be filled with fun, laughter, family, kettle bells and BURPEES!!! I wouldn’t expect anything less from a great friend and mentor, you taught me well!! Enjoy your day!”-Roze Murphy 

There are so many common threads throughout the comments… real, fun loving (with a raw sense of humor, of course!), motivator, constant student and teacher, and a deep dedication to help guide those around you to become the best version of themselves! Wow, are we a lucky bunch or what?! With all sincerity and much gratitude we all wish you your best year yet!

author: Cara Flynn


Wow…seriously humbled (and maybe laughing out loud at all the balls references 🤣). Thanks guys! With all of you around, 29 is bound to be my best year yet! Thanks Cara for always being the thoughtful one while I just want to get shit done (for the record, of course I was getting itchy about the deadline 😁).

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