The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill…

As I positioned myself into one of my least favorite yoga positions, pigeon, my instructor said something that really struck a chord with me.  She shared that once a student had commented that they wished there was something called a ‘yoga pill’ that you could take to make it all easier.

This got me thinking about wanting the all encompassing pill, answer, direction, etc.  I think by now most of us know that there is no magic pill that you can take for weight loss.  Sure, a lot of companies are out there are trying to convince you otherwise, but we know that what it takes is creating strong habits that incorporate foods that fuel our bodies the right way. We also know that this is easier said than done.

What I DO think that most people are still searching for is the magic pill for exercise.  What is the best program out there? Most of us chase the new shiny penny for the chance that it will FINALLY fix the problem that we have with exercise.  We all want to do something that we find fun, that ‘works,’ that we never have to convince ourselves to walk out the door or get out of bed to do.  We want the pill.  We want it to be easy to do and to love it without consideration or coaxing to get the job done.

There is always a season…

What I have found over the course of my own training and developing programs for others is that there is a season for it all.  There is a season to lift heavy and with less frequency. There is a season that our body says that we need to spend time on mobility.  There is a season for rest and recovery when you are unable to stay off the injured reserve list.  There is a season to explore our cardiovascular capabilities by running or training frequently with high reps and low weights.  There is a season to do things just because they are fun and don’t require thought, like sand volley ball, pick up games of basketball, or playing catch for hours with your future major leaguer in the backyard. There is nothing wrong with making changes or challenging yourself in many different ways. Unfortunately this is where we can lose our way, blindly searching from one activity to the next without a goal or a destination in sight.  It is here that we often get frustrated and feel like we will never find the ‘thing’ that works for us or keeps us on the right path.  And why is this? Because there shouldn’t be a ‘forever’ workout.  There is so much to explore and it can all provide us with growth and in turn new opportunities.  The lesson that is often missed is that we need to PLAN for each of those seasons.  We need a clear reason and goal to make a successful change and not feel lost or like we failed yet again.

How do I plan for change?….

Obviously this blog is intended to make you want to learn more Catalyst Strength, and at this point you may be thinking that I am officially the worst sales person ever.  Here I am telling you to go off and try different things and haven’t mentioned those kettle bells one time! Maybe I am a bad salesperson, but I know we strive to teach our students to understand the importance of doing the basics better. We want our students to know how to set and achieve their goals, whatever they may be!   With a solid foundation and attention to detail dialing in on the 7 fundamental movements of locomotion, the hinge, squatting, rotation, anti rotation, pushing, pulling, under load you can then pursue other activities with confidence (link for 7 basic movements).  If you want to take up rock climbing, having the ability and strength to rotate, pull, and push will allow you to more easily learn this new skill and meet your goals!   

Let’s get started!…(because you are all in by now!) 

Beginning on Aug 7th our program will be changing from two different programs offered each week (Build and Ignite for those of you currently with us) to a 5 day a week program to better develop these basic movement patterns.  We love simplicity and know that it works! We also know that simple does not mean easy. There is not a magic pill for exercise to get all of the results you want, but working the fundamentals is damn close!

author: Cara Flynn


The results are enough of a sales pitch for me. Enjoyed reading this, enjoy Catalyst even more.

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