North Liberty, IA

“Through high school and college athletics, along with several years in the military, my primary workout regimen was centered on weight lifting and some resistance training. However, that changed over 3 years ago when Steph Hoeper and Cara Flynn challenged me to join them in a kettle bell workout and I have been hooked ever since. Never before have I experienced the benefits of strength training while simultaneously challenging my balance, engaging my core and revving up my cardio! What sets Catalyst Strength apart is that their instructors are kettle bell certified which is evident as their workouts are well developed with a special emphasis on proper technique, functional movement and safety. Most of all, Stephanie and Cara are some of the most personable, caring and fun people you will ever meet! They will make you work, make you sweat and definitely make you laugh!!!”


“All you REALLY need to know is these women are awesome and if you can fit some time with them into your life, you won’t regret it. They’re great motivators and role models; I think they wear superwoman capes to bed at night. I have taken classes from both Steph and Cara individually. What sets them apart from other instructors is their attention to detail. They don’t let people hurt themselves using poor form. They know how to screen for movement dysfunction, recommend corrective exercise, and modify workouts for each individual. As a Physical Therapist, I appreciate that they do an outstanding job with all of those things, but when someone has pain or problems outside of exercise correction, they know when to refer for some help. What a great resource for those looking to get fit, strong, and move better!”


“I had previously taken a kettle bell class with another instructor and Steph and Cara have improved my technique tremendously. I am so thankful that they require new clients to have an evaluation before they begin classes. They teach technique by breaking the moves down into small segments and have you practice before moving on. I am stronger and more toned than when I began and best part is that I’m always happy to go to class because it’s never boring!”


“Stephanie is a terrific instructor. She takes the time to assess your strengths and limitations before beginning training. She keeps her classes small to ensure individualized instruction and personal attention to correct form. As a former teacher, she always comes to class with a prepared lesson plan that offers variety and builds on the activities of the previous sessions. She is very friendly and personable. Her sense of humor makes her classes fun. If you are thinking of giving kettlebell a try or planning to continue prior training, I highly recommend Steph.”