Power In Simplicity

For those of you that have taken classes with us at Catalyst you are familiar and expect to do a lot of breathing, head nodding, rolling, rocking, and of course crawling!! As weird as it may sound to the rest of you these movement resets are powerful stuff that help us restore some of our original movement (if you don’t know what I am talking about, find a toddler and watch them move…it’s beautiful and will make you envious!)

We have both personally and professionally seen and felt a lot of benefits from the resets and this is why Steph and I decided to go a bit further down that rabbit hole with continuing our training by attending the second level with Original Strength in February.  Little did I know how much this was about to impact me personally.

Ever since my parents turned 40 I determined that this must be the best decade and have been excited to ring in it every since.  So like any good 39 year old I made sure that the night before was full of busting out some seriously embarrassing dance moves, friends, and family. Unfortunately it also included a dislocation of my patella, ugh.

Nothing is more frustrating than being injured. Here is the deal, I firmly believe that we need to become better at taking control of our own recovery and so that is exactly what I did.  I have tools and I have a lot of support systems, so I reached out and got some great advice, I trusted myself and my body.  It has not been perfect but now that I am a few months out from the original injury I have had a lot of great eye opening experiences.

Here are a few insights…

  1. Strength and Mobility Really DO Matter!: Having a baseline of Strength and Mobility BEFORE injury has made all the difference in how I am able to work through the healing process.  Not only has it allowed me to continue my regular activities,(and go on a week vacation in NYC two days after the injury!) for the most part, but having awareness of my body has helped me realize when I am compensating and has provided me with the ability to directly address those issues before more injuries occur. It has also helped my physical therapist determine the best course of action WITH me. Having this ownership and understanding of my body has had a direct impact on my success and speed of recovery to this point.
  2. Just Breath: Diaphragmatic breathing is still a challenge for me but having to spend almost 2 weeks doing nothing but breath has made it more fluid and a knowledge that there is always more practice to be done.  A nice ‘side effect’ from all this breathing is more comfort in my upper back. I have always feared the sneeze.  My back tends to be very tight and when I sneeze or cough I brace myself for pain. Practicing and learning new techniques so that my breath continues into my chest has relaxed those muscles so much that I no longer fear back spasms! No fancy stretches or expensive massages, just breathing. In my humble opinion this is the ultimate reset!
  3. Jelly Rolls Are Not the Only Good Rolls: 1/2 Rolls on my back leading with my upper body and seated cross crawls made the biggest impact in my mobility on my injured knee in the first 2 1/2 weeks. Initiating movement from the center of my body has been easiest from the 1/2 roll and once I was able to start moving while continuing d-breathing seems to ‘wake’ up some muscles in my injured leg. Who would have thought?!
  4. Happy Accidents: Sitting in the seated V position and moving (and breathing) under my head has given a lot of relief to my left hip (non-injured) that has been carrying a lot of the ‘burden’ from the injury. I was demonstrating this in class and ran across this benefit accidentally!!
  5. Fear and Rocking are No Joke!: A little over a week ago I struggled (for almost 5 straight minutes) to get onto my hands and knees on the ground. Side note…this may have been the longest plank I have ever done as I couldn’t trust myself to put either knee down! I had a lot of fear with attempting to just gently sit it down with out weight bearing. This gave me great respect and a good reminder of how limiting fear can be and that withholding judgement and taking baby steps can be a great gift. That said, once I got that knee on the ground and then started with 5 very small rocks the benefits were more than I could have hoped for. So great that after doing it at 5:30 in the morning I didn’t have any swelling from standing for the first time since the injury. I also slept through the night since I was more comfortable and had diminished some of the heaviness in my knee. My family likes me more when I sleep, and I like them again too!
  6. Yes, Injuries Can Make You Stronger!: Injuries make you go back to the basics and usually result in making you stronger.  Although I am often frustrated that I can’t do everything that I want to do RIGHT NOW, I am reminded that with getting back to basic movement and creating better movement patterns than before the injury only makes me stronger and sets me up for future successes. Never let an opportunity to learn more about your body got by, even when it kind of sucks!

The amazing thing about these resets is the power in their simplicity.  Do not mistake simplicity for ease, but realize that coming back to our basic movements can make us stronger and keep us moving well throughout our entire lives.  Isn’t that what we really want? To be able to do all the things that we dream to do! If you want to learn more give us a call at Catalyst! We now have a new assessment and screen that can assist you in finding resets to get you moving and feeling your best!!

author: Cara Flynn


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