Outside of Fear

I remember a friend sharing a conversation he had with his son during his son’s cancer treatment. They decided during this discussion that no matter how difficult the treatment got or how impossible the day felt there was always a win to be had and celebrated in the day, and they found it, everyday.  This conversation between a son and his father turned into a movement in this community and beyond, to Win The Day each and every day, no matter what.

After hearing this and after a particularly rough day I decided to start a ‘Win The Day’ journal.  Some were small like getting a load of laundry from the wash to the dryer to the closet in one day, to bigger ones like getting my first one arm push up! Not only did this journal encourage me to look at each day in a positive light, it pushed me to explore new ideas and see them through.

Six months into journaling I decided it was time to take a new approach…I decided that each year I would do something I fear and/or something I hate.  Now, those of you that know me well know I’m not one to set rules, but for this I felt it was necessary. Here are my rules….

  1. The activity had to be something that I actually fear and or hate. None of this I don’t like doing planks or eating spinach crap…something that I really loathe doing or that scares the pants off of me.
  2. It had to be more than a one time activity. Needs to take place at least one time a month.  So sky diving one time doesn’t count.
  3. Must commit to doing it for a full year. Only breaks for potential injury or sickness (see how practical I am!).
  4. Must find the “Win” each time I participate.

That’s it. Those are the rules.

So where to start? My daughter was taking horseback riding lessons and to be honest, I didn’t get what was so hard about what she was doing. During one of her lessons I voiced this to her instructor. Just like any good instructor she said — try it!

Here’s the deal.  I have been on horses. I like them enough, but anything over a walk makes me want to roll into a ball and cry.  As a kid I wanted to feel comfortable on a horse (because what little girl doesn’t?!), but let’s be honest, a big unpredictable, FAST, animal was not necessarily this cautious kid’s cup of tea.  So there it was, challenge number one!

It. Was. Awful.  It was cold, muddy, I couldn’t figure out how to get the saddle or bridle on correctly, couldn’t get the horse to move forward let alone walk in a circle, and if that thing started walking fast I panicked.  I signed up to go every other week, and I would swear the entire way out to the farm.  This great idea of doing something I fear or hate thing was stupid, and I couldn’t believe I was going to have to do this for a year!  I may have missed lessons but I went at least one time a month.  After about 3 months things started to change. With a new instructor (this was key, but I’ll save that for another blog), I started to understand how to communicate with the horse, get the bridle on, and take less mud and horse hair home with me, which led to me hating it less. I would also look back at my journal and realize that I was actually progressing. I started gaining a little confidence and began actually scheduling lessons on more of a weekly basis.  By the end of the summer I had competed in one horse show and had done a couple of jumps. Needless to say, I’m hooked.  I’m now in this over a year and try to go weekly.  The sport that I wanted to drop like a bad habit has taught me so much! I have gotten stronger and developed better body awareness.  I am a student of something I know nothing about and am fascinated with each lesson. I have been reminded what it means to work the basics and that when we develop skills at that beginner’s level with few bad habits you can progress quickly from a strong foundation. I am reminded that our bodies and minds are amazing, and we really can accomplish most any goal and find a win in every day.

How are you going to win your days? What do you fear or hate and if you desire to overcome them, what steps will you take? It doesn’t have to take a year and you don’t have to follow the same rules that I did…set you own!

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author: Cara Flynn


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