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If you’ve been to even one early am North Liberty class, you’ve likely met Dan Ceynar. Dan is perhaps Catalyst’s most regular attendee, joining us almost every day since he began with our inaugural 28 Day Jumpstart last spring. Ironically, we were Dan’s students first. We (and our children) enjoyed his attention to detail as an instructor (on the cusp of a 3rd Degree Black Belt) at Anderson Taekwondo. On the surface, one might mistake Dan for just a quiet, introspective guy, but his life is full of interesting details. We love the fact that he’s a neverending student, and just when we think we know him, he’ll surprise us with something new like the fact that he was in a band for a long time or spends a week each summer cleaning up river trash in his canoe. Think you know Dan? Read on for more surprises…

Why did you join Catalyst and what keeps you coming back?

The desire to balance/achieve whole body strength, augment Taekwondo, and to offset late night grazing habits. The 2016 28 day challenge was the trigger which I initially treated as a prescription to prepare for February 2016 Black Belt Camp. I keep coming back because overall I have observed positive results for my efforts and it is part of my routine now.

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What’s your favorite strength move?

Double bell snatch.

If you had one extra hour of free time every day, how would you use it?

Probably another hour of sleep added to my typical 4-6 hrs per night.

Favorite quotes?

“A man has made at least a start on discovering the meaning of human life when he plants shade trees under which he knows full well he will never sit.” D. Elton Trueblood
“Never, Never, Never, give up.” Winston Churchill

What’s one little known fact about you?

I signed off on the television in 2000 and haven’t had cable, an antenna, or any other means to watch it since.  Yes, I missed the reality TV craze and Who Want’s to be a Millionaire. I can live with that.

What’s your all time favorite city or town (to live in or to visit)? Why?

Don’t have a favorite city, but I love the wilderness in various States, camping, hiking, Cross-X skiing, canoeing, etc. The mountains over the oceans for me.

What were your first jobs?

As a kid, mowing lawns and yard work. In High School, detassling corn, dishwasher, and truck mechanic. I have a Class A CDL and used to drive a Kenworth tow truck at a truck stop when I was a mechanic.

What’s one guilty pleasure you love too much to give up?

chocolate and/or cookies

Dogs or cats?

Dogs!, preferably from rescues. Typically Golden Retrievers. Our 14 year old Golden died in 2016 and came back as 3 more which is more than 1 per hand, and 1 too many.  Did this one other time, but I guess I forgot. Had 1 cat for 16 years, died in 2015.  She was pretty cool and I missed her more than I expected, but it is unlikely that I have will have another cat.

What’s your typical breakfast?

Eggs/omelettes or items from the 2016 28 Day Challenge such as a smoothies, breakfast quinoa, steel cut oats, etc.

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