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Cara and I first met Amber at an eye appointment (or maybe a wine class?). After our favorite optometrist feigned interest in Catalyst at so many appointments (or maybe after so many samples of wine?), we finally coerced her into an intro session. We look forward to her regular appearances at 6:15am, where we are working tirelessly to remove “I’m sorry” from her vocabulary. We’ve heard she’s a prolific baker, but we have yet to taste proof…because she’s too kind to sabotage our healthy habits.  Read on to uncover her scariest accomplishment, proven methods for procrastination, and other essential facts…and pop in to a 6:15 class to meet her for yourself!

How long have you been at Catalyst and what keeps you coming back?

I started coming to Catalyst just over a year ago. It rapidly made me stronger, more joyful, and less achy. Strength training is way more fun than I expected! The instructors and other students are wonderful people and we have a great time together. I’m still shocked to look forward to getting up so early.


What’s your favorite strength move?IMG_7860

The Turkish Get Up!


What do you do when you’re procrastinating? (Name your go-to distractions)

Making lists with pencil and paper is a satisfying distraction, along with rearranging model horses, reading the New Yorkers that tend to pile up, and tuning a guitar that won’t stay tuned. Sometimes I’ll try on dresses I haven’t worn recently, as though I’m deciding which ones might need to be donated… but I think I may actually be playing dress up. It’s always nice to pull a favorite book from a shelf and reread the beginning, which then turns into several chapters of Standing -While -Reading, a guiltless delight akin to Standing-While-Eating. I also spend a great deal of procrastination time gazing at my phone like every other zombie. Or, I’ll wrestle for a spot on the couch with three dogs and watch cartoons with my husband. (He-Man and She-Ra are on Netflix, if anyone’s interested!)

What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

I get scared driving over the sunshine skyway bridge in Florida. I’ve done it twice, and now I’m willing to drive two hours out of my way to avoid it.


What was the first record, cassette tape or cd that you bought?

It was a cassette tape of the soundtrack to Labyrinth.


Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

Surprises are terrible!


What did you eat for breakfast today?

Perfect eggs (two, over-medium) with salt, pepper, and curry powder, and refried beans, all with plenty of butter (grassfed, salted.)


If you had to describe yourself as an animal, which one would it be?

I’d be an old golden retriever. I trust everyone, and I just want to eat lots of things and then lay in a sunny spot.


Who knows you the best?

Mom, my husband, Charlie, and Abby and Emma, my dearest friends. And a lot of my patients. And most of the neighbors. I should probably learn not to talk so much.

How many places have you lived?

Before moving to Iowa four years ago, I lived in central Florida, where I was born.

And which is your favorite?
Living in Iowa City is marvelous!

author: Catalyst Strength


Love Amber and loved learning more about her through this article!

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