Let Go

Full disclosure, I am sitting at my computer, with a glass of wine, looking for wise words of wisdom to pass along to you as we are now knee deep into this holiday season.  Maybe its the wine (ok, I’m only a sip in) or maybe pure desperation, but I have decided to just let go.

I’ve decided this will be the year that I will let go of trying to NOT be stressed out.  This is the year that I am going to stop looking for short cuts that make my life easier and more joyful. This is the year that I going to give up using a schedule to ensure that I have time for me.  This is the year that I am going to say no to making a plan as to how I will execute my day before a holiday party to make sure I don’t overeat and skip my workout.

Tell me, what would happen if we would just be in the moment? Make the decision for the season when we can and plan accordingly.  Ok, obviously I don’t mean that we should all live by the seat of our pants and do whatever we want whenever we want. That is impossible for any any of us with a family, job, hobbies…a LIFE! What I am saying is that instead taking Christmas cards off the table to free up time, I am going to take a moment to sit down and look at my photos on my phone. The ones that I felt were important enough to take.  What if I sit down and go back to those memories, take stock, and then decide if I want to share those moments with others? What if I choose to look back over my year not out of obligation to find the perfect pictures, but to reflect on all that I have witnessed and accomplished throughout the year?

I’m a firm believer that no one will ever put you first but you.  However, trying so hard to put yourself first to make sure that you have time to exercise, eat right, sleep the correct amount, can be overwhelming and down right stressful.  This year, instead of trying to fit it all in, I am going to attempt to approach each day and event with an inviting heart instead of apprehension.

This year I am going to choose to move everyday instead of sticking to a strict exercise routine.  Some days that will mean getting to a class and some days that will mean walking to the mailbox.  I will not beat myself up about it or stress about what I am lacking but instead take that time to enjoy the view of my house as I come back with mail in my arms, and I will be excited to surround myself with my friends and workout partners as I make it to my class.

I will go to Christmas parties excited about the foods I will get to try and take my time with each bite. I will try the breads and cookies instead of standing next to the veggie tray until my will power (or too much to drink) drives me right towards what I was trying to avoid in the first place.  I will eat what I want, be in the moment to know when I am full, and walk away to enjoy the company of others.  To partake in the fullness and giving of the season and give to myself instead of trying to take away.

So this year, I may look a bit more frazzled, and yes, I am suggesting you do the same.  I am suggesting to us all to live the moments as they are fleeting. We can’t always live and enjoy every moment of every day, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that; it’s human! But every now and then we need the reminder to live in the beauty, frustration, anger, love, warmth, and all of those endless emotions that surround us everyday.

Make this the year that you close with gratitude and the upcoming year the one you greet with openness!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Catalyst Strength!

author: Catalyst Strength