Get a Grip

Who remembers these in their parents (or grandparents’) kitchen drawers?

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 8.26.51 PMI may or may not have my own hiding in the depths of a kitchen utensil drawer somewhere.  While being able to open a jar of pickles or maraschino cherries at will definitely impacts quality of life, few of us consider how important grip really is. After all we’re not climbing monkey bars on the playground or ropes in PE class any more. Functionally, however, we use our grip daily anytime we pick something up and/or carry it…at the grocery store, in the garden, in the laundry room, picking up a child, crushing your beer cans (just kidding about that last one). Turns out it might also be an indicator of cardiometabolic disease and physical disability.

After careful planning (and maybe partly by coincidence), we’ll be focusing on grip strength in October at Catalyst.  Want to learn more about why grip matters and some simple ways to make it better?  We can’t say it better than this.




author: Steph Hoeper


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