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I used to firmly believe (maybe hope is more accurate?) that I could “outexercise” my bad food habits. I trained for marathons to lose baby weight, considered a good run the perfect hangover cure, and justified unlimited sugar with an active lifestyle. As I delved deeper into fitness education, however, I began to understand nutrition not as reward or punishment. It’s the fuel for every workout…and life.

This (reluctant) realization led me to pursue a nutrition certification. If I was going to teach realistic, wholistic strength training, I could not in good conscience leave this piece out. After finishing the certification, I was introduced to a year-long curriculum that put these nutrition coaching strategies into daily morsels and habit practice, applying principles to nutrition that we already embrace at Catalyst–achieving slow, steady, lasting progress by building good habits, and practice…lots of patient practice.

I knew it would be a great fit, but convincing others was harder. A year long commitment seems like an eternity when we are bombarded daily by drinks, supplements, and diets that promise to “fix us” with little or no time or energy investment on our part.
Enter Dawn Fisher.

As one of Catalyst’s most thoughtful, diligent, and dedicated students, it should have been no surprise that she would be the first to recognize the value and benefit from this program. A year later, I am so excited to congratulate her as our first Fuel for Life IMG_0125graduate.

I intended to write a member spotlight feature about Dawn, but when I asked her to jot down a few thoughts about the program and what it’s meant to her, the answer was so much more eloquent than anything I could write. So, without any further rambling introduction, here it is:

Dawn’s Fuel for Life success story…in her own words. Congrats Dawn!

A year ago when I started this nutrition journey, I told Steph that one of the things I wanted to avoid nutritionally was the annual 10 pound weight gain that begins every fall when I head back to school. Between the treats in the teachers lounge (I sent multiple photos as proof that the struggle was real), stress, fall comfort foods and all the other excuses that I could come up with, I had been gaining that 10 pounds or so every year for 12 years. Some years I lost all of it and some years most of it before starting all over again. I am happy to share with you, that the fall of 2017 was different!

Some could say that becoming an empty nester may have helped, and to be honest, not having teenage junk food in the house or requests for pizza and mac and cheese every other night did help some. But, the real difference for me was that by the time fall came around I had changed. The stress was still there, in fact between October and January, Steve and I lost three grandparents, became empty nesters, and still had the usual stress that fall brings. I however found myself sleeping better, feeling more in control, and able to roll with the punches. What?

Fuel for Life has helped me to understand that nutrition is not just the food we eat, or how many workouts we do, or how many calories we burn. Nutrition also involves mental and physical health, sleep, having a plan, eating slowly, loving yourself, forgiving yourself, giving back, asking for help, making mistakes and trying new things. One of the quotes used in the program is, “Don’t try to change everything at once- Do a little more, do a little better.”

I have had good success with other programs in the past, but the results didn’t last. I think that there is a time and place for a “Jump Start”, but if you are looking to make changes that will last for a lifetime, you will need to do some soul searching, answer some tough questions, and make some changes. The trick is that there is no trick or magic button, and you cannot do all of that at once. It takes time and a plan. This program does all of that, and having Steph as a coach was awesome.

Have traditional weight loss strategies failed you?

Want to feel better in your body?

Curious about how to best fuel up for effective workouts and every day life?

Try Fuel for Life…free for the first 30 days with the coupon code FEBFUEL.

author: Steph Hoeper

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I loved the insight, Dawn! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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