Jump out of ‘Holiday Survival’

Struggling with a love/hate of the holiday season? Holiday events can be both wonderful and stressful as we surround ourselves with the friends and family we love and the food and drinks we try hardest to deny ourselves. If ‘controlling’ yourself each holiday season ends with the same result, maybe your approach needs a fresh look. This year try setting aside control for a few small changes, and relax with a great plan in place for the new year. What can you do with success that doesn’t create stress? In the interest of holiday simplification, we’ll keep it to just two tips:

Scale it.
…And no this doesn’t involve getting anywhere near that bathroom scale. Scale your expectations to account for all the extra fun stuff the holidays bring. Don’t have time for a full workout? Do 10 minutes! Can’t eat 3 healthy meals a day? Commit to one! Can’t turn down the alcohol, sweet, and savory temptations? Try to forgo one or two and indulge slowly, mindfully, moderately, and joyfully in the other(s).

If you can’t scale it, everything is more manageable if you..

Plan ahead.
Don’t want to have to watch what you eat at holiday gatherings? Eat sensibly before you go, making sure to get in quality portions of protein and vegetables earlier in the day. Looking forward to a busy week? Prep a meal or two before the week starts. Check out this crockpot veggie soup for an easy weeknight dinner…with leftovers for lunch.

And most important, plan NOW for next year’s goals. What changes do you want to make? What are you willing to sacrifice or add to your plate to make those changes a reality? Be HONEST and REALISTIC. For many, yearly goals involve nutrition, exercise, or mindfulness. We’ve addressed exercise and mindfulness in previous posts, but if you’re looking for the easy button on nutrition, here it is.

If nutrition makes your 2018 list, hit the ground running with our 6-week Jumpstart starting January 8th. This is not intended to be a long term plan but a place to start, feel good about your choices, and take the guesswork out of meal planning. Enjoy weekly menus, grocery lists, delicious and nutritious recipes, and daily coaching support. Ready to jump into 2018? Join our Jumpstart today!

author: Catalyst Strength