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Jump out of ‘Holiday Survival’

Struggling with a love/hate of the holiday season? Holiday events can be both wonderful and stressful as we surround ourselves with the friends and family we love and the food and drinks we try hardest to deny ourselves. If ‘controlling’ yourself each holiday season ends with the same result, maybe...


Nutrition Advice EVERYONE Can Follow

When should I eat? How much should I eat? Is it good to be hungry? Or will I overeat if I get too hungry? Am I getting enough protein? What happens if I get too much protein? Should I fast? Or is it a sin to skip breakfast? Confused about nutrition? Join the club! These are all legitimate questions,...


3 Simple Halloween Candy Solutions

Full disclosure: the above picture is not staged.  It is an actual shot of my kitchen table as I write this, and regrettably, the pile will be much larger by the end of this post! If we do Halloween right, it means tired, sugared-up kids and parents left with more candy than any family needs. Wonder...