Author archive: Steph Hoeper

Best-Laid Plans

I am a sucker for a concrete plan. I love black and white. Nuances freak me out. Give me a 12-week plan with reps, weights, sets, and rest times all specifically defined, and I will blissfully and religiously follow it to greatness…and injury. Best-laid plans…we all know how those turn o...


Bare it all this Summer

One of the many perks of working out at Catalyst is that you don’t need shoes. While this has financial advantages (and simplifies early am fashion choices), working out barefoot has a host of other benefits. Spending more time barefoot can prevent injuries, improve balance and gait, and increase sp...


Fueled for Life

I used to firmly believe (maybe hope is more accurate?) that I could “outexercise” my bad food habits. I trained for marathons to lose baby weight, considered a good run the perfect hangover cure, and justified unlimited sugar with an active lifestyle. As I delved deeper into fitness edu...


You Don’t Know Squat…or Do You?

Ever been told you shouldn’t squat or that it’s bad for your knees? Did you ask if you should also skip sitting in chairs or on the toilet? Fact: We all CAN and DO squat in our daily lives. Yes, it might be the least sexy move at the gym, but love it or hate it, we all need to maintain it so we don’...


Get a Grip

Who remembers these in their parents (or grandparents’) kitchen drawers? I may or may not have my own hiding in the depths of a kitchen utensil drawer somewhere.  While being able to open a jar of pickles or maraschino cherries at will definitely impacts quality of life, few of us consider how...