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Accountability Partners

Accountability. If this word makes you sweat you are not alone. Do not turn off the device that you have open reading this blog and run for the hills. It’s not that type of post, whew!!! I would say the majority of us set our alarm the night before with the intention that when it goes off we will be...


What Serves You?

It’s hard to believe that we are already in November and quickly approaching the end of 2017!  The upcoming holiday season is nipping at our heels.  We are also approaching the time of year for reflection and gratitude.  As romantic as this sounds, and as much as we desire this time of year to be ju...


They Say It’s Her Birthday!!

Let me open this with the most important statement of today… HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEPH!! This is YOUR blog post! For those of you that don’t know, Steph stays on top of making sure that we have a blog post  every couple of weeks. This poor woman has to stay on top of me to make sure that I actually get o...


The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill… As I positioned myself into one of my least favorite yoga positions, pigeon, my instructor said something that really struck a chord with me.  She shared that once a student had commented that they wished there was something called a ‘yoga pill’ that you could take to make it all eas...


Power In Simplicity

For those of you that have taken classes with us at Catalyst you are familiar and expect to do a lot of breathing, head nodding, rolling, rocking, and of course crawling!! As weird as it may sound to the rest of you these movement resets are powerful stuff that help us restore some of our original m...