Author archive: Cara Flynn

The Magic Pill

The Magic Pill… As I positioned myself into one of my least favorite yoga positions, pigeon, my instructor said something that really struck a chord with me.  She shared that once a student had commented that they wished there was something called a ‘yoga pill’ that you could take to make it all eas...


Power In Simplicity

For those of you that have taken classes with us at Catalyst you are familiar and expect to do a lot of breathing, head nodding, rolling, rocking, and of course crawling!! As weird as it may sound to the rest of you these movement resets are powerful stuff that help us restore some of our original m...


Outside of Fear

I remember a friend sharing a conversation he had with his son during his son’s cancer treatment. They decided during this discussion that no matter how difficult the treatment got or how impossible the day felt there was always a win to be had and celebrated in the day, and they found it, everyday....


Taking Back Your Holiday

Simplifying your Holidays We all know how intimidating and stressful the holiday season can be and yet we continually put ourselves back into this situation year after year.  To make changes we must identify what does and does not need to be changed to create new habits to find a new peace and routi...


Stress Management for the Holidays and Beyond

As we all know the holidays can be a time that is full of family, fun, and STRESS! Stress occurs when we perceive that the demands placed upon us outweigh our ability to cope with those demands.  Some stress is good, but when it gets becomes to extreme it can affect our productiveness, relationships...